Brief History of Shriners International

The history of any fraternal organization or society consists mainly in an answer to three questions: What was its origin? What are its purposes? What has it accomplished? It is quite difficult and sometimes impossible, to establish the facts relating to the founding of a fraternal order, because such organizations, in most cases, at least, are … [Read more...]

How Acacia Started

In early 2006, several Master Masons, Past Masters of several lodges and Shriners met and were seeking to find an avenue to meet, have fun activities outside of the lodge activities but still support a worthwhile cause. After a year of several organizational meetings and diligent work by the brethren, the Nobility respectfully submitted a formal … [Read more...]

Shrine Logo

Just like Mercedes-Benz is known for its three-pointed-star symbol, the Shriners fraternity is known for its Crescent, or “Jewel of the Order.” Carrying on the Near East theme, the emblem is composed of the claws of a tiger, united in the middle with the head of a sphinx. On the back of the emblem are a pyramid, urn and star. Additionally, the … [Read more...]