Grand Lodge of California: Henry Wilson Coil Library and Museum

To start off the new year, the Henry Wilson Coil Library and Museum of Freemasonry has launched a new online collection.

By Our Sides: Brotherly Love as Action and Inspiration displays Masonic charity, philanthropy, and affection, through three new interactive exhibits.

In Walter Wilcox, “The Mason’s Boy,” visitors learn the story of Walter Cary Wilcox, who was orphaned in New Orleans in 1878, and later became a ward of the Grand Lodge of California. This exhibit includes photos of Wilcox and his guardians, personal correspondence relating to his travel to California, and period newspaper clippings, demonstrating the public’s fascination with his story.

The second exhibit, Charles Marshall Austin & Abraham Lincoln, investigates the kindness demonstrated by President Abraham Lincoln to Bro. Charles Marshall Austin, a young Union Soldier. Though Lincoln was not a Mason, his actions speak to the Masonic ideals of charity and affection.

Roy Rogers, “The King of the Cowboys,” shows how Bro. Rogers inspired a generation towards Masonic ideals of kindness and equality in the face of conflict. The exhibit includes a variety of photographs and Masonic effects, including an apron issued to him in 1946 by Hollywood Lodge No. 355.

Displayed here is a photo from the collection Roy Rogers, “The King of the Cowboys.” Pictured are Roy Rogers, Harold Lloyd, Red Skelton, and William Powell, Jr. (c. 1950).

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