Help for the disaster in Phillipines

A Special Message from Your Imperial PotentateNovember 19, 2013Dear Fellow Nobles,

Our thoughts and prayers are certainly with all the people of The Philippines as they cope with the overwhelming devastation and destruction wrought by Typhoon Haiyan earlier this month.

Aftermath after Super Typhoon YolandaThis tragedy has also struck our Shriners family. Shriners International is truly a global entity; we have two temples and several clubs in The Philippines, and we are especially concerned for our brothers there, and their families. We have been doing all we can to check on them, and have yet to hear from some clubs that we believe were located in the path of the storm.

To help our brothers in the best and most efficient way possible, we are seeking and collecting contributions to assist the members of Agila and Mabuhay Shriners.

If you would like to help your fellow nobles in The Philippines during this difficult time, please send your contribution (payable to your temple) as soon as you can, preferably by Monday, December 2, if possible. Your temple leadership will collect all the contributions and send the amount in a single sum to Shriners International Headquarters. The money will be divided equally between the two temples and the temple leadership will be instructed to use the contributions to provide aid to individual Shriners and their families who are in crisis.

Thank you for your compassion and your commitment to the Masonic ideals of brotherly love and charity.

Please continue to hold the Philippine people and islands in your prayers.

Yours in the faith,

John A. CinottoImperial Potentate

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