Become a Virtual Mentor

Do you remember that special person who made a difference in your life? The person who took the time to ask your name, introduce you around or show you the ropes? If we’re lucky, we have one person in our lives who made a positive impact personally or professionally.

Being a Virtual Mentor is your opportunity to make the same difference in the life of a man on his way to becoming a Master Mason and Shriner. All it takes is willingness, enthusiasm and time.

As a Virtual Mentor, you will be paired with a Candidate with similar interests in your area. Communicating by phone, e-mail or in person, you’ll have the opportunity to share your knowledge and enthusiasm about Masonry and about being a Shriner. You’ll answer questions or concerns, help find the right Lodge best suited to the Candidate’s interests, and help him with his journey to becoming a Shriner. You will also have the opportunity to make a new friend.

Principal Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Commit to being active in the Virtual Mentor program for 1 year.
  2. Explore the Candidates interests in our fraternity. Seek to understand his reasons for wanting to join, learn about his family, hobbies, interests and does he have any Masonic friends.
  3. Educate the Candidate about local Lodges and about he nearest Shrine Temple.
  4. Encourage the Candidate to visit local Lodges and the nearest Shrine Temple.
  5. Meet the Candidates Lady and introduce her to local brothers and nobles wifes.
  6. Introduce the Candidate to local Brothers and Nobles.
  7. Introduce the Candidate to the local Temple and members.
  8. Educate the Candidate about the Roadmap to becoming a Master Mason.
  9. Educate the Candidate about the Roadmap to becoming a Shriner.
  10. Introduce the Candidate to local Masonic and Temple events. Attend with him if able.
  11. Introduce the Candidate to Temple members and to Clubs and Units.
  12. Communicate regularly with the Candidate and make sure he is getting his needs met and that he is getting properly educated about our fraternity.
  13. Login and update your Candidate communications in Shriners Village Virtual Mentor program.

Knowledge & Skill Required

  1. Blue Lodge experience and frequent attendance at your lodge.
  2. Active in your local Shrine Temple and familiar with general Temple operations.
  3. Experience in helping men become Freemasons and Shriners.
  4. Ability to commit time to being a good mentor.
  5. Good organizational, interpersonal and communication skills.
  6. Must have a genuine interest in Mentoring men to improve the quantity and quality of our membership.
  7. Maintain consistent care, compassion and follow-up of all Candidates assigned.
  8. Must be comfortable using your computer to update the Candidate’s progress and to use email as needed.

Read the press release Shriners Village Virtual Mentor Program Version 1.0 to learn more about how men become Candidates, the goals of the program and the components that will make this dynamic new online membership recruitment program a success.

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