Shrine Logo

Just like Mercedes-Benz is known for its three-pointed-star symbol, the Shriners fraternity is known for its Crescent, or “Jewel of the Order.” Carrying on the Near East theme, the emblem is composed of the claws of a tiger, united in the middle with the head of a sphinx. On the back of the emblem are a pyramid, urn and star. Additionally, the emblem bears the motto “Robur et Furor,” which means “Strength and Fury.” The Crescent hangs from a scimitar, while a five-pointed star dangles from the sphinx.

Just as Mercedes’ star represents something – domination of land, sea and air – so does the Shriners’ emblem. The scimitar stands for the backbone of the fraternity, its members. The two claws are for the Shriners fraternity and its philanthropy, Shriners Hospitals for Children. The sphinx is representative of the governing body of the Shriners, while the star hanging beneath it represents the thousands of children helped by the philanthropy every year.

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